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That Blissful Feeling When You Haven’t Spent Money in Weeks

August 19, 2016

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Home Renovations

It’s the middle of the summer here in the lower mainland and from wherever you might be reading. These are the real dog days of summer - the pace slows down, we spend more time reading, relaxing, and simply living.

And for a lot of us, it’s a time of relative low spending.

Sure, we still have responsibilities requiring our attention. Paying the bills early, keeping the car gassed up, and picking up groceries. (Seriously, we need food again? How much do these people eat?)

However, aside from those expenses, it’s nice to sit back and bask in the glory that is an inactive wallet.


Summer Renovation Projects

The idea for this post was actually born earlier in the summer. I was hard at work on renovations and I told myself I’d write about how great it felt once the project was over and done with for a few weeks.

Turns out that feeling is even nicer than I expected.

We work with a lot of people at One Stop who secure financing for home improvements, and the best part of those renovations? When they’re done. We work with every one of our clients on an exit strategy, so once a little bit of time has gone by, it’s nice to enjoy the renovations content in the knowledge you’re already on your way toward paying them off.



It’s hard to believe, but school is almost back. Some families might try to squeeze in a final trip, but you could be biting off more stress than you need this time of year.

And if you’re already happy with your lack of spending in recent weeks, why not keep it going? You had your trip earlier in the summer. Maximize your relaxation at home for the last couple weeks of summer.


Credit Cards & Payments

Part of not spending money on things you want is the correlation with the things you need. One thing you need? To tackle your debt and your bills as soon as you get them.

I suppose this one is a little hypocritical, but you’re not necessarily spending money on bills, you’re simply paying back spending you’ve already, uh, spent. Make sense?

The point is that in no way am I advocating putting off your credit card payment. Chip away at that bill over and above the minimum payment, and then you’ll really feel that sense of bliss.

I’ve caught myself outside on the patio more than once in recent days saying out loud “hey, I haven’t spent any money in weeks.” I had an expensive spring wth renovations and a couple other things, and it’s stressful when you’ve committed yourself to those expenses. It’s something we tell our customers at One Stop when they’re looking financing to renovate their home - other expenses don’t stop.


So when you don’t have any large expenses in the rearview mirror, there’s nothing wrong with kicking your feet up with a god book and a cool drink to enjoy the last rays of the summer sun.


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