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Why a Home Inspector is Your Best Friend (& Your Worst Enemy)

June 5, 2015

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Success! You’ve scoured the market, your broker has set you up with a sweet deal, and you’re finally ready to make an offer and move into the house of your dreams!

…except that you’re not. It’s easy (and understandable) to get excited when you find a home that checks off all the boxes on your list - the problem is that we aren’t immediately aware of what’s going on behind the scenes.

Enter the home inspector, the one responsible for reaffirming all that excitement or potentially tearing it all down.


Finding the Right Home 
When you’re shopping for a home it’s important to weigh the elements you can control and consider the elements you can see. Things like the location, the size and the style of the home, you can determine the value of these elements on your own. After that, the home inspector goes to work.


The Good News: your new home is free of defects in the attic, beneath the floor and in the furnace and hot water tank. Buy it!


The Bad News: the home needs considerable upgrades and it’s going to cost you. Or worse still, there’s fundamental problems that can’t be fixed. Don’t buy it!


Peeling Back the Onion
The purpose of the home inspector is to determine the worth of your home beyond what you can see. There could be problems with the plumbing or the presence of asbestos. The roof might need to be replaced. There could be a gigantic beehive in the attic (I’ve seen it this firsthand).

The reality is that the buyer just doesn’t know until a professional goes in and makes those determinations.


Best Friend: the home inspector is your best friend because they tell you the truth as an independent voice.

Worst Enemy: the home inspector is your worst enemy because there’s potential you won’t like that truth!


In the end, the recommendation of a home inspector might not be something you want to hear. The good news is that this can save you thousands of dollars (or worse) in the long run. No matter how appealing the home seems on the outside, there’s always more to consider and the only way to expose the truth is with a professional.

The cost to hire a home inspector is nothing compared with the money they can save you or the headaches for which they can prepare you.

Looking for a home inspector? We recommend only the best, call us today!


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