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3 Quick n’ Easy Moving Tips

May 11, 2015

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3 Quick n’ Easy Moving Tips

Moving is … well there’s not many nice things one can say about moving. If you’ve moved a lot then you know the feeling: picking up boxes, walking around with boxes, stacking boxes …

Wait, what? You haven’t been using boxes?

Ok, let’s back up. Moving isn’t such a bad thing if you’re doing it right. There’s no need to put yourself through extra hardship because you’re not organized well in advance.

Here are 3 simple moving tips that will make your move go much smoother than you ever thought it could.


  1. Start Early

    Instead of waiting until the morning of your move (like I once did), take at least 3 weeks prior to organize and set things aside. Sure, your life will be disrupted, but this disruption can actually lead to excitement if you allow it. Think about it, every time you look at that stack of boxes in the corner you’ll be reminded you’re off to bigger and better things!

    Which brings us to our next point.
  2. Boxes are your Friends

    Gather boxes early and often. You can never have enough boxes. Big ones, small ones, misshapen ones; you’ll find a way to use them. Packing things in boxes makes it way easier to organize if you’re starting early and makes it a lot easier when it comes time to recruit moving help. Just snap a photo of your neatly stacked boxes and send it to your friends. “All you have to do is move these onto a truck!”

    Can’t find boxes? Try a service like FrogBox - they’ll drop off sturdy green stackable plastic boxes at your current residence and pick ‘em up from the new place once you’re done.
  3. Cut Down on Clutter

    Do you really need those records any more? What about that funny cowboy shirt from New Year’s 2001 you swear you’re going to wear one of these days?

    Moving is about transforming yourself in a brand new location with new traditions and habits. You don’t need old junk, you only need yourself and your family as you embark on the next step of your life’s journey. Cut down on the amount of things you have and worry about the things that really matter. Not only will you have less stuff to move, you’ll have more space in your new space to get creative.

Moving isn’t so bad if you’re ready for it and you do it properly. Heck, you might even have some fun while you’re at it.

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