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Part 3: How to Enjoy the Pacific Northwest This Summer

July 15, 2016

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There’s nothing like the feeling of cruising on a coastal highway with the windows rolled down, the music blaring, and the soft sea breeze rapping lightly on your skin.

Especially when you have one of those cars with movies and headphones built right into the seats so the kids are satisfied, too. We didn’t have anything like that back in the day, did we? No, we settled for a book or good ol’ fashioned looking out the window.

This is the third part in a series of posts about inexpensive summer holidays.

Well, now we actually enjoy looking out the window. From the scenic highways north of Squamish, BC and all the way down to the quirky city of Seattle, there’s no shortage of roads, both literal and figurative, to explore in the Pacific Northwest this summer.

So come along with us on a summer road trip to end all summer road trips: from the hustle and bustle of Vancouver to Seattle and all the way up to Whistler and beyond.



Once you’ve cleared the border, the drive from BC through the northwestern-most point of the USA feels like a jailbreak. Tall trees, clear highway (well, maybe it’s not clear, but it will be fast), and plenty of stops along the way for snacks.

One of my favourite spots on the way to Seattle is Anacortes and Hidalgo Island. The southern tip of this stretch is actually an island of its own, Whidbey Island, a secluded getaway home to plenty of vacation and retirement homes. We found a cheap house to rent for a weekend last summer that was right on the ocean.

Though truth be told, we spent a lot more time simply watching the water instead of actually swimming in it.



Two or three hours from Vancouver (depending on the border) rests the city of Seattle. I use the word rests because Seattle feels like someone simply laid it out over the rocky hills and inlets of the pacific northwest. It’s a busy city, but if you can find a hotel downtown that’s near the water, then you won’t have any real reason to drive around once you’ve arrived.

The most famous element of Seattle is the Pike Place Market. It’s a tourist attraction mainly because it doesn’t stop for anyone. Seriously, be wary of gigantic fish flying through the air, heaved by their handlers.

An afternoon of nibbling on local treats and coffee is perfectly capped off by an evening on the boardwalk. Take the enormous ferris wheel for a spin if you’re not afraid of heights.


Why are we talking about vacations on a mortgage blog?

Well, for starters, we talk about money pretty much year round. How to save it. How to improve your credit. How to spend it wisely. How to get out of debt.

But no matter how much your financial situation can weigh you down, you deserve a vacation. We help our clients overcome unforeseen situations that can cost a lot of time, money, and financial stress, but in the end, we believe people should work hard while they’re working and relax when they’re not.

So let’s get away this summer. Save up a little spending money and hit the road. It doesn’t cost a lot, and you’ll be surprised what you’ll find out there.

Next week in the summer vacation series: The drive to Spokane, the Kootenays and the Sea to Sky Highway.

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