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4 Ways to Cut Down On Your Summer Expenses

July 22, 2016

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It’s right around this point in the summer that people start slowing down a little bit. Wedding season is dying down (hopefully), backyard BBQ ’s have run their course, and if there was a vacation to be had, it’s over and all we’re left with is reality.

Cold, empty-pocketed reality.

While you’re counting your credit card bills and gas receipts, you’re probably ready to put what little money you have left in your freezer where it will be safe.

The problem is that life goes on in all it’s penny-pinching glory. Here are a few ways to slow down your high-rolling ways before school starts in September while also feeding yourself.


1. Stay Home On Friday Night Like Everybody Else

Instead of taking in a night out on the town complete with expensive dinners, expensive movies, and real expensive drinks, just spark up the ol’ Netflix and grill up some of your famous burgers. Summertime entertainment comes with a price tag, but if you’ve got a comfy living space at home that everyone can enjoy, then spend some more free time doing nothing. Sounds amazing, right?


2. Watch Your Grocery Bill

I’m guilty of overspending when it comes to shopping for groceries, mostly because I’m lazy and there’s a million other things I’d rather be doing. Things that probably cost money!

It’s time to hunt for deals. Read the labels and as long as you’re getting what you need, spend as little as possible. Deals exist in droves for people like you who appreciate a few cents off here and there or a couple dollars in savings. The more people living under your roof, the more groceries add up at the end of the month.


3. Treat Yourself Season is Over

I’m also a sucker for shopping online. I justify it by telling myself I’m saving gas money, however, that argument doesn’t hold weight when your fifth golf shirt of the summer shows up at the door.

Besides, if you have kids, you’re going to need to buy back to school clothes soon enough. Besides, I think you look real nice just how you are! Is that weird?


4. Get Some Exercise

Lifting weights, jogging, swimming, and generally being active is a fantastic money saver. Why?

  1. It requires time, which is time not spent spending money elsewhere
  2. It’s as cost effective as you want it to be - walking and jogging cost nothing


Exercise also naturally improves your mood. As your blood flows and your muscles wake up, so does your mind. Why does this help you save money? Because when you’re in a good mood, you’re less likely to look for ways to buy a good mood - ways such as spending money on junk food you don’t need.

We’re a mortgage, debt consolidation, equity loan, credit assistance company, so we talk to a lot of people about money-saving techniques. It’s a subject people don’t like to think about, but once you present a few tangible cost-saving habits to yourself, it becomes a positive conversation.

Happy savings, everybody!


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