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3 Ways to Save Money During the Annual Silly Season

Sept 23, 2016

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How can you tell the silly season has arrived?

Well, for our neighbours in Edmonton and Calgary, you can count on the leaves not only shifting from green to red, orange, and yellow, but the fact the ground is blanketed by a sheen of frosty dew each morning is an easy tip off as well.

Here in Vancouver, the traffic starts to calm down a little bit - alright that’s not true at all. People are busier than ever all over the country adjusting to new schedules surrounding school for the kids and extra responsibilities for the adults.

So now that we know without a doubt how to recognize the annual silly season that takes hold every year around mid September, what does it mean?

It means winter is coming. It also means expenses are coming.


1. Cooking at Home

We’re all about saving money here at One Stop, and there’s nothing that contributes more to a frugal budget while also adding some enjoyment to your day to day routine than preparing and devouring your own meals.

Sure, you might not possess a gift for cooking, and it might seem easier to just dial up the pizza guy or take the family out to a restaurant, but those expenses really add up this time of year. Even though you’re busy and exhausted, find the time to make dinner at home so you can slow down, save some cash, and enjoy the simple pleasures of preparing your own food.


2. Consolidating Debt

Let’s completely switch gears here and take a hard look at your finances. Debt is a reality of life when you own a home or a vehicle or you have mouths to feed. It’s important to manage it properly.

When it comes to credit cards, bills, mortgages, and other payments, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all your financial responsibility. We work with a lot of people who get deeper into debt because they can’t manage their payments. Debt consolidation is an excellent tool in these situations for people to get ahead of their payments, because it’s a lot easier to just manage one bill each month.


3. Plan Your Monthly Budget

If we combine points 1 and 2, we can start to see the outline of a budget taking place. If you know precisely what your monthly payments are going to be (you don’t need debt consolidation to take responsibility for your payments), then you’ll know exactly how much you have left over to buy groceries or gas or clothes or back to school supplies.

Plus, if your monthly budget is planned out and easily accessible, it will be easier to pay your bills as soon as you get them. Remember, it’s silly season, so the last thing on all our minds is paying bills, right? We’re just trying to make sure everyone gets to where they need to be every day. The last thing we’re thinking about is paying the gas bill.


But that doesn’t mean those responsibilities go away just because we’re busy.

Stick to your budget, pay your bills immediately, and do what it takes to keep the silly season as calm as possible.

Cuz it’s almost over!


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