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There are many reasons to get a mortgage, whether our clients are self employed and looking to inject some cash into their business when the bank cannot help, or to consolidate debt that have accumulated over the years, we are here to help when the banks say no.

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Our Success Stories from 2015


Large First Mortgage - Construction Company

A developer who runs his own construction company building homes and condo units in Calgary & Edmonton was referred to One Stop Mortgage Corp. He was looking for funding for a new development of his and came to One Stop Mortgage Corp. with a total construction cost of $1,900,000.00. He was looking for 60% loan to value to get the multi-unit project complete and into the marketplace.

Sergio arranged a 12 month open First Mortgage of $1,300,000.00 which allows for multiple advances and had an initial advance of $410,000.00. His credit score was 648.

He was delighted to have funding for his project at a fair rate within days of sending in his application.


Small Third Mortgage

A man in his late 50’s applied for immediate funding due to some unexpected cost’s he faced when dealing with personal matters.

He owned his home in North Vancouver, BC and was looking for a small Third Mortgage.

Mark was able to swiftly secure a Third Mortgage in the amount of $34,500.00, the applicant received the funds 4 days after he applied.

His Loan to Value went up to 67% ad he had a credit score of 597.


Medium First Mortgage

A woman living in Squamish, BC sent in an application in hopes to consolidate her existing credit card debt and purchase a new recreational vehicle (snowmobile) for the winter.

Saverio set her up with a Medium Second Mortgage in the amount of $50,000.00; The majority of which was to cover her high-interest debt with the remainder going towards her new toy.

Her Loan to Value went up-to 45% and her credit score was 546.

Large Second Mortgage

A retired couple living in Lake Louise, Alberta. They were looking for a new Second Mortgage to payout the existing Second Mortgage they had fallen behind on.

After discussing their options with Mark, he was able to arrange a large second mortgage of $210,000.00. The bulk of which was to payout the existing second and providing the couple with $20,000.00 for personal use at their request.

This took their Loan to Value up to 65% and their credit scores were 516 and 672.


Medium Second Mortgage

A married couple in their 50’s and no dependents living in Gibsons, BC. They sent an application in an effort to acquire funds for the purchase of a recreational vehicle (RV).

They both had excellent credit at 732 and 748. Sergio put together a medium second mortgage of $55,000.00 taking their Loan to Value to 55%. 

The couple was very happy to acquire the RV they’ve had their sights on for quite some time and get on the road this coming spring.


Medium First Mortgage

A single mother living in Chetwynd, BC sent in an application after hearing about One Stop Mortgage Corp. from a co-worker.

She was looking to consolidate her debt with as she was 2 months in arears on her existing First Mortgage and beginning to fall behind on her credit card payments.

Saverio provided her with a new medium First Mortgage of $115,000.00, taking her Loan to Value up to 45%. Her credit score was 491.

Medium First Mortgage

A woman in her late 30’s with one dependant working in marketing management in Vancouver, BC. She was looking to acquire funding for a start-up of her own. 
She was interested in an equity take out and owns her home in Burnaby and didn’t have any existing charges.

Saverio arranged a Medium First Mortgage of $120,000.00. This took her Loan to Value to 22% and her credit score was 721.


Medium Second Mortgage

A married couple with 3 teenaged dependents and the husband’s parents as dependants living in Edmonton, Alberta filled out an application.

After treading water with minimum payments on their credit card invoices for 6 months and not being able to satisfy their family needs, they decided to take action and get ahead of their issue by looking into debt reconsolidation.

After understanding their needs, Sergio tailored a Medium Second Mortgage of $67,000.00, taking their Loan to Value up to 65%. The couple’s credit scores were 506 and 518.


Small Second Mortgage

A common-law couple who has been living together for over 15 years in Chilliwack applied for a home equity takeout.

Mark arranged a $30,000.00 Second Mortgage which took their Loan to Value to 43%. Their credit scores were 493 and 605.

Medium First Mortgage

A man in his 60’s from Whitecourt, Alberta sent back a handwritten application that was mailed to him after a phone conversation with Mark about his financing options.

He was looking to take out home equity secure funds to cover medical expenses that had accumulated over the past 3 years and he was not working on a regular basis.

Mark arranged a Medium First Mortgage of $43,000.00 taking his Loan to Value up to 42%. His credit score was 629.


Small Third Mortgage

A married couple with one young child living in Vernon, BC filled out an online application after learning about One Stop Mortgage Corp. through a friend and browsing the One Stop Mortgage Corp.twitter page.

They were looking to get funding in the form of a Third Mortgage to help cover the costs of an unexpected major home repair they had to undertake.

Sergio was put together a Small Third Mortgage of $37,500.00, this took their Loan to Value up to 75%. Their credit scores were 692 and 607.


Medium Second Mortgage

In hopes to secure funding to eliminate his personal credit card debt and considerable work to his one owner/operated work truck, a man in Burnaby, BC contacted One Stop Mortgage Corp. He wanted us to look into his borrowing options with respect to the equity in his homes.

Saverio set the applicant up with a Medium Second Mortgage to go behind his current First in the amount of $64,000.00. This deal put the applicants Loan to Value ratio at 58%. His credit score was 564.

Large Second Mortgage

A long-time business owner in Revelstoke, BC called the One Stop Mortgage Corp. toll free line after performing a short Google search.

After a detailed conversation with Mark about debt reconsolidation he decided to move forward and went through our online application process through He was inquiring about refinancing his home to pay off past-due invoices, both personal and for his business, and pay-off his existing Second Mortgage.

Mark arranged a Large Second Mortgage in the amount of $280,000.00, taking the Loan to Value ratio of his home up to 54%. His Credit score was 661.


Large First Mortgage

A young man in Medicine Hat, Alberta looking to purchase his first home landed on the One Stop Mortgage Corp. website after some online inquiry into his Mortgage options after being turned down by the large-scale banks.

Saverio put together an offer for a Large First Mortgage of $330,000.00, which set the Loan to Value ratio of the home at 60%. The client’s credit score was 503.

He was happy to have the funds in place so soon after his initial contact with Saverio and close the deal on his first home to embark on a new chapter of home ownership.


Medium Second Mortgage

Sergio received an application from a common-law couple living in White Rock, BC who owns their own home.

They were applying to obtain funding through home equity for thorough-renovations and updates to their home.

Sergio was able to arrange a Medium Second Mortgage for the couple of $82,000.00, taking their Loan to Value to an even 50%. They had credit scores of 546 and 715.

Medium Second Mortgage

A married couple inquired about refinancing options with their home in Drumheller, Alberta. 

They had existing First and Second Mortgages on their home and were looking to refinance the Second and put some funds towards their eldest child’s post‐secondary education. 

Sergio put together a medium second mortgage of $95,000.00 that would payout their previous Second Mortgage and allow them to send their child to university. This took their Loan‐to‐Value to 70%. Their credit scores were 571 and 645.


Large Second Mortgage

A business owner in her early 30’s in Calgary, Alberta was looking to acquire funds to grow her business upon entering her third year of operations. 

She owned her home, a condo in the North East quadrant of the city, which had an existing First Mortgage.

Saverio arranged a Large Second of $155,000.00, taking her Loan‐to‐Value to 48%. Her credit score was 694.


Small Second Mortgage

A single mother living in Salmon Arm, BC came across the One Stop Mortgage Corp. Facebook page after an acquaintance in her social network shared a blog post from the One Stop Mortgage website. 

She sent in an online application looking to secure funds to purchase a second vehicle for her daughter who recently passed her driver’s licensing exam. 

Mark offered her a Small First Mortgage of $18,000.00, taking her Loan‐to‐Value to 30%. Her credit score was 612.

Medium First Mortgage

A retired couple in their 70’s living in Parksville, BC.  
They have owned their home with clear title for 30+ years and applied for a First Mortgage to pay for a new roof and purchase new appliances for their home. They had credit scores of 683 & 654 

Saverio arranged a Medium First Mortgage of $55,000.00 taking their Loan‐to‐Value to 35% 


Large First Mortgage

A married couple in their late 30’s living in Banff, Alberta sent in an application as they narrowed down their search for a second rental property. They found an ideal lodge to rent out to tourists and visitors throughout the year, while also occasionally occupying themselves.

Mark put together a Large First Mortgage of $530,000.00 for them to complete the purchase. This took their Loan‐to‐Value upto 60%.   Their credit scores were 745 and 587.

They were delighted to have the deal closed and take ownership just before the prime tourist season in Banff.


Small Second Mortgage

A single man in Raymond, Alberta called the One Stop Mortgage Corp. office to discuss his options with a financial burden he was facing.

He had Canada Revenue Agency debt in arrears and had also built up credit card debt over the past year and a half. 

Sergio set up a Small First Mortgage of $50,000.00. This took his Loan-to-Value upto 40%. His credit score was 578.

Medium First Mortgage

A retired couple living in Prince George, BC contacted Mark after being referred to One Stop Mortgage Corp. by a family member. 

They required funds to payout their existing First Mortgage with CIBC which was several months in arrears and funds to travel abroad for 2‐3 months. 

After determining what exactly they needed to payout their existing Mortgage and take the vacation, Mark set them up with a Medium First Mortgage of $145,000. This took the Loan‐to‐Value on their property to 40%.  Their credit scores were 684 and 631.


Large First Mortgage

A couple from Calgary, AB that improves and flips homes in addition to their full‐time employment income.

They needed funds to close a deal on 3 identical condo units and undertake minor renovations before putting them back on the market. 

Saverio arranged a Large First Inter Alia mortgage in the amount of $760,000.00 with  a Loan‐toValue of 66%.

Their credit scores were 594 & 716


Medium Second Mortgage

A single man living in Pemberton, BC needed to get funds to eliminate high‐interest credit card debt he had accumulated while facing health issues over recent years. 

He owns his own home in Pemberton and has an existing First Mortgage. 

Sergio put together a Medium Second Mortgage of $89,000.00 to go behind his existing First. 

This took his Loan‐to‐Value up to 75%. His credit score was 632.

Medium Second Mortgage

A single father of 2 with a commission‐based job needed funds to purchase a new vehicle and cover tuition costs for his oldest child.

He owns his home in Abbotsford, BC with an existing First Mortgage balance of approximately $320,000.00. 

Saverio put together a Medium Second Mortgage of $85,000.00 taking the client’s Loan-to-Value to 60%. He had a credit score of 515.


Medium First Mortgage

A young business owner in Red Deer, AB filled out an online application in hopes to alleviate some pressure he’s facing from creditors from being in arrears on invoices related to his business. 

He owns the condo where he lives in downtown Calgary.

Mark put together an offer for a Medium First Mortgage of $145,000.00 which put his Loan-to-Value at 45%. 

The client had a credit score of 615.


Small Second Mortgage

A recent‐grad moving out of her parent’s home in Delta, BC needed additional funds to furnish her own recently purchased home. She needed to secure funds to go on top of her Large First Mortgage. 

Sergio arranged a Small Second Mortgage of $40,000.00 for her to furnish her home and help attract roommates who will pay rent which will ultimately bring her rental income. This took her Loan-to-Value up to 70%. Her credit score was 673.

Medium Second Mortgage

A husband and wife in Langley, BC were looking to add a small Medium Second Mortgage to their existing First with a large bank as the husband planned to go back to school and they also needed a second vehicle.

They were referred to One Stop Mortgage Corp. by a friend who had a good experience after turning to One Stop when she was facing financial hardship.

After a few days of communication with Mark and determining what they need, they were set up with a Medium Second Mortgage of $75,000.00.

Their Loan‐to‐Value was taken up to 65% and they had credit scores of 631 and 557.


Small Second Mortgage

A young home‐owner in Red Deer, Alberta needed funds for improvements and renovations to his rental property.

He saw our Facebook page through a friends “Like” on his feed and through our Page, found himself on the One Stop Mortgage website. 

Within days of receiving his application, Sergio set him up with Small Second Mortgage of $38,500.00 to go behind his current First. Mortgage.

-His Loan‐to‐Value went up to 45%. 
-His credit score was 703.

He was at risk of losing his long‐term tenants and rental income but was able to appease them and get overdue improvements underway.


Small Second Mortgage

A recently divorced woman living in Edmonton, Alberta with 3 young children was in need of funds to get her through until her ex‐spouse found employment.

Saverio arranged a Small Second Mortgage of $23,000.00 to go behind her current First.

This took her Loan‐to‐Value up to 50%. 
-She had credit score of 512.

Large First Mortgage

After unsuccessfully applying for a large mortgage with 2 large banks, a development team made up of two realtors and a builder in Victoria, BC got in touch with Sergio in an effort to secure funds for a large construction project they intended to undertake. 

‐     After thoroughly reviewing the appraisal of the property and proposal for the project, Sergio arranged a large First Mortgage of $2,650,000.00. 
‐     This deal was done at 65% Loan‐to‐Value. 
‐       The three men in the development team had good credit scores of 639, 690 and 583. 
‐     They were happy and surprised to see how quickly their deal came together and that they could begin construction on their project on their planned date.


Small Third Mortgage

We received an application from a mortgagee who had two previous mortgages in years past with One Stop Mortgage Corp.

‐They were looking to take out a Third Mortgage to cover credit card debt they had incurred due to unforeseen circumstances. 
‐ The couple’s credit scores were 501 and 524 
‐ Taking their home in Surrey, BC up to 71% Loan‐to‐Value, Mark arranged a small Third of $20,000.00 and lightened some of the burden faced by this family.


Large First Mortgage

A single mother of one sent in an online application online for a large first to pay‐off debt she had accumulated when she started a business that didn’t make it past the second year.

‐She owned her primary residence in Lethbridge, Alberta. 
‐Had a credit score of 498. 
Saverio put together a Large First Mortgage of $195,000.00 to cover her debt and put a small amount of cash in her pocket, which she requested to purchase a used vehicle. 
‐Her Loan‐to‐Value went up to 48%.

Large First & Second Mortgage

Sergio received an application from a gentlemen looking for first and second inter‐alia mortgages over three condo unit properties he owns in Edmonton. 
‐The client had a credit beacon at 587 and requested between 40‐50% total loan to value over the two mortgages. 
‐Sergio was able to arrange a large first mortgage of $205,000.00 and a large second mortgage of $165,000.00. The total loan to value was 45%.


Existing Medium Mortgage

Mark was contacted by an existing client from Kelowna, BC who has an active second mortgage with One Stop Mortgage Corp. 
‐The couple needed additional funds to catch up on property taxes in arrears and undertake minor renovations to their home. 
‐With credit scores of 680 and 561 and having no payment issues with the existing mortgage, Mark prepared a new second mortgage and the clients left happy once again. 
‐Loan to value was bumped up from 45% to 55%


Large Second Mortgage

‐Two sisters and business partners in Fort McMurray applied online via for a large second mortgage to renovate their retail business 
Saverio arranged a  private second mortgage of $220,000.00 behind the borrowers current  1st mortgage with Scotiabank 
‐The combined mortgages took the secured property up to 75% loan to value. ‐    One had a credit score of 702 and the other's was 621.

Medium First Mortgage

‐ A young 30’s couple in Southern Alberta in the town of Brooks needed a home equity loan to
help pay off accumulated CRA and credit card debt in addition to wanting to undertake
renovations to their recently purchased home.
‐ They stated they were looking for a conventional short‐term mortgage at 35‐40% loan‐to‐value
Saverio secured a first mortgage of $150,000.00 which also provided some extra cash in their
pocket which they requested at the very last‐minute.
‐ The mortgagor’s had good credit scores of 620 and 643.
‐ The clients were happy to have their high‐interest rate debt cleared and begin improving their
home just 6 days after sending in their application to One Stop Mortgage Corp.

Small Second Mortgage

‐ Two brothers in Fernie, BC approached Mark through email to realize funds through their homeequity
to purchase a new truck for their business.
‐ They had a first mortgage on their shared home with an existing balance of $210,000.00.
Mark arranged a small second mortgage of $48,000.00 to go behind their first and take them up
to 70% LTV.
‐ One of the clients had a good credit score of 667 and the other was poor at 581.
‐ The brothers left excited to add a new truck to their existing line‐up of 1 and grow their

Large Second Mortgage

‐ A mother and son team living in Richmond was looking to buy an investment property in the
popular Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver.
‐ They needed immediate funding to close the purchase agreement they had open for just a few
more short days after months of looking for the right property.
‐ Working with 75% loan‐to value, Sergio was able to provide them with the $330,000.00 they
needed in the two day turnaround time they had.
‐ Their credit scores are excellent at 710 and 691
‐ They were ecstatic to close the deal on the property within the short time‐frame allotted.

Large Second Mortgage

- A repeat client, self-employed single woman from Lethgridge, who approached Saverio last year for a construction loan, came back to OSM for a Second mortgage over her current home.
- She was in need of further funds to help her continue to build the new home in progress since last year.
- Saverio arranged a second of $82,000.00 at 68% loan to value behind a first from Vancity. Her credit is 624

Large Second Mortgage

- Two brothers needing funds to renovate their retail business came to Mark for a Second mortgage. Both brothers are married and as stated above, self-employed.
- Mark was able to arrange a large second for them of $130,000.00 at 74.50% Loan to Value over them home in Maple Ridge
- Credit scores of 690 and 713

Small Second Mortgage

- Sergio arranged a small second mortgage for a young man moving out of his mother’s home in Langley who needed extra funds for a purchase on top of a first he got from MCAP
- Sergio was able to tailor a deal with a 6 month term for the young man who just got his real estate license recently and is expecting higher earnings soon
- The deal is 72% LTV
- His credit score is 691

Medium Second Mortgage

Older man living in New Westminster approached Mark for a Second mortgage on his rental property earlier in the year:

- He came back again for another Second mortgage on his home in order to pay property taxes and pay for some improvements
- Mark arranged a $42,000.00 mortgage behind a 1st Scotiabank mortgage to 27% Loan to Value
- His credit is 762
- Because the LTV was so low Mark was able to arrange the loan without an appraisal

Small Second Mortgage

- Single Father, 1 child, living in Port Moody
- Mark arranged a small Second mortgage behind of first with BMO for a local man who left his job as a carpenter to start his own business
- The start-up did no go well and while he is now employed he had some small debts and needed money for property taxes
- Mark secured a $18,000.00 loan up to 72% Loan to Value for him
- His credit is 647

Large Second Mortgage

–- In 2014 Saverio arranged a large second mortgage for borrowers who needed funds for construction of a four-plex in Airdrie.
- They came back this year to refinance so Saverio arranged a new second for them at a lower rate
- The loan to value on the completed property will be 30%
- Credit Bureaus at 682 and 711

Small ½ Interest Second Mortgage

- Single Woman living in Langley
- 1 Dependent
- Took time off to care for ailing relative
- Sergio arranged a half interest mortgage on her rental property
- 75% Loan to Value
- Credit Bureau 515

Medium First Mortgage

- Couple from Kamloops
- Purchased a lot just over a year ago and have been preparing it for a pre-fabricated home
- They were in need of funds to complete the home and have it moved to the lot
- Mark arranged a first mortgage for them based on the loan to land value at 77% and the loan to value of the completed property at 20%.
- Good credit scores at 675 and 705

Large Second Mortgage

– Construction Couple building a duplex in Lethbridge, flipping homes in addition to full time employment
- Mark arranged a construction loan for them based on the value of land with further funds to be advanced as construction progresses.
- They already had a large first with Alberta Treasury branch so the loan Mark arranged is a second.
- The loan to value on the completed property will be 65%
- Excellent credit at 740 and 748

Small First Mortgage

- Couple with 3 children in Okotoks, AB
- Husband is on DI
- First mortgage with CIBC in arrears
- Mark arranged a small 1st mortgage to payout the CIBC mortgage and consolidate debt including$15,000.00 owing to CIBC Visa
- Loan to Value 50%
- Credit Bureaus 528 and 573

Large Second/Third Mortgage

Couple living in Pemberton, own a home and apartment
- Mark arranged an inter alia mortgage over both properties to help them payout debt
- Over 40k in credit debt
- Total loan 75,500.00 at 54% LTV, 2 year term
- Husband self-employed, wife in retail
- Credit 598 and 610

Third Mortgage

Woman from Coquitlam
- Owns a condo
- Beacon of 599
- Mark arranged a third of 25,000.00 at 71% LTV
- Self employed
- Needed money for a car to use for job

Large Second Mortgage

- Couple living in New Westminster
- Mark arranged a second of 195,000.00 at 62% LTV (paid out current second with mortgage MIC)
- They needed money for education purposes, car loan
- Husband was laid off last year
- Wife teaches piano
- Beacons 532 and 525

Large First Mortgage

- Husband and wife from Medicine Hat
- Had a first mortgage in arrears a few payments, certificate of pending litigation
- Sergio arranged a new first to pay out the current loan
- 205,000.00 at 72% LTV
- Credit 525 for wife. Husband an R
- 2 kids
- Together make about 80K a year

First mortgage lower rate

  • Single middle aged man – suffered on the job injury earlier in life, postponing completion of education and increase of income, has now recovered and works several jobs
  • Property in Rural AB with two dwellings. His mother lives in one and they split bills.
  • Mark arranged a new 1st to pay out his current with ATB and property tax arrears and capital for re certification for job.
  • 1st  of 210k , 58% LTV
  • Beacon 577 – one R9 on a closed account

Large Third Mortgage

  • Couple living in Calgary
  • 1.5 mil home
  • Have a large 1st  with CIBC and 2nd Private mortgage on Calgary home
  • Have a 3rd on rural property already that One Stop arranged years ago
  • Beacon score 595 and 605
  • 55k in debt – LOC, credit cards
  • Mark arranged a new 3rd to payout there existing 3rd with some left over
  • New mortgage of $175,000.00 LTV 73%
  • Exit strategy – will payout this mortgage with proceeds of the sale of a family owned property in near future.

Third Mortgage

  • Middle aged clients, self-employed, living in town house in Coquitlam
  • Repeat clients who already have a 3rd  mortgage from One Stop to consolidate debt and came back for more money, had R4s and R5s and now all R1s,  beacons fair high 500 low 600
  • Have a 1st of 50K and a 2nd of 62K with Scotiabank
  • Mark arranged a new 3rd for 70k to payout out the old 3rd provide extra funds for the purchase of a business that will be run by their daughter in law
  • LTV 79%


Small Second Mortgage!

  • Woman in her 30s with one dependant, works in management
  • First mortgage arrears of 11k due to time off work for upgrading her certification for work
  • Good Beacon Score
  • Appraisal confirmed a value of 555k and with a  current 1st of 420k not much equity left
  • Mark arranged a 25k second mortgage at 80% LTV
  • House was about to be listed for sale due to the 1st mortgage arrears
  • The clients can now sell the house under their own power when they are ready or keep it


First Mortgage – Low Rate!

  • Retirees living in Maple Ridge
  • Had a certificate of pending litigation on title registered by CIBC due to many months of arrears
  • Have a First with CIBC they MUST pay out
  • Racked up debt approx. 20k in credit cards
  • Beacon not bad for Husband 680, Wife has no credit, her score is, N
  • Solution is a new 1st of $190,000.00 LTV 32%


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