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Buying a home is stressful!

Buying a home is a stressful and can be overwhelming, particularly if it is your first purchase.  When you think about how much money you are spending it can be stressful and often the big banks will take advantage of the stress and try to convince you to over extend yourself and gain more debt than you can handle.  They may also not show you all the hidden costs in buying a house, such as land transfer taxes, legal fees and much more.

A mortgage broker can help by shopping around for the best rates, doing the negotiating for you, and utilizing years of experience in the industry to help you get the best deal you can get.  Their experience in the mortgage industry gives mortgage brokers the ability to provide you with the best-priced mortgage along with the best- structured mortgage to fit your needs.  Rather than contacting multiple banks and institutions trying to negotiate the best mortgage you can, with all the stress and time that takes, one phone call to a mortgage broker and the work is done for you.


A friend of mine recently went to a big bank to refinance his mortgage.  He owns his own business, needs money to pay for his kid’s tuition and wanted to refinance his home to get a home equity loan by redoing his mortgage. Rather than trying to get him the best deal, the bank tried to get him to extend his mortgage back to the maximum number of years, borrow much more than he needed or wanted and tried to pressure him by giving limited time on the rate available.

After being pressured to accept more debt than he was willing to take on, he eventually went to a mortgage broker and found the process amazingly easy.  They were able to get him an incredible deal, without pressuring him to take on more than he wanted and treated him with respect.  Even the fact that he owned his own business was not a problem.  They were able to provide him with a home equity loan that enabled him to help his children with their tuition and still keep the payments very manageable.

A Mortgage Broker can help with all aspects of a Mortgage

A mortgage broker can help you with all aspects of a mortgage or credit financing.  This includes figuring out how much you can afford, finding the best mortgage product that fits your needs, as well as discovering ways to save you money and showing you how to pay off your mortgage faster.

A mortgage broker will also stay in touch with you and ensure that your mortgage still fits your needs, and has access to a wide range of financing so there are fewer roadblocks along the way.

This saves time, money and the hassle of negotiating with a huge institution that only wants you locked in for as long as possible so you work for the big bank, and not yourself.  They will also explain all the costs involved and will make the process simple so you don’t have to waste time and energy trying to hunt for the best deal.


Debt Consolidation and Home Equity Loans

Even if you are self-employed, have a poor credit rating or the bank turns you down, a mortgage broker can help you get back your life.  For example, the team at One Stop Mortgage Corp in Vancouver helped a client in rural central BC to consolidate a 1st and 2nd mortgage together.  This not only saved the borrower over 30% a month from what they were originally paying, but it relieved their stress dramatically by putting more money in their pocket every month.  The One Stop Mortgage broker team also provided advice and guidance as to how to pay off the mortgage more quickly and without a 2nd mortgage, the borrower’s credit rating also improved.

A good mortgage broker has the ability to work across Canada as well, if he or she has the licensing and certification, so if you move or you want to work with a broker in a bigger urban centre to get a better deal, it is possible.

The mortgage professionals at One Stop Mortgage in Vancouver also provide financing in Alberta and are able to help a lot of people.  Every week they assist borrowers in improving their credit, getting financing and consolidating their debt.  Just last week the team closed a 1st mortgage in Drayton Valley, Alberta on a mobile home and lot.  The home and lot were in foreclosure, but the mortgage brokers at One Stop were able to save the borrowers from losing their home with a new financial structure to enable them to stay and succeed in paying off their debts.


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More and more people in Canada are choosing to work with a mortgage broker to help them get the best mortgage, home equity loan, debt consolidation loan or other financial package to help them reach their goals.

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