Bank Turned Down your Mortgage Application? We can help!

Bank turned you down? One Stop Mortgage Corp can get you a fair deal

With interest rates set to rise soon and the mortgage rules changing, getting a fair deal at the bank can be difficult.  Fortunately you can still get help to consolidate your debt, get a home equity loan or qualify for a mortgage with the help of a mortgage broker.

In July 2012, Jim Flaherty announced the end of 30 year amortizations. The government also limited how much homeowners can borrow on the value of their homes down to 80 per cent from 85 per cent.  He announced that the government will no longer insure homes worth more than 1 million – meaning that buyers will have to have a much bigger down payment before buying property (read more at:

This changes the rules for getting and qualifying for mortgages.  It also can make it more difficult to qualify for a second mortgage.


Lowering Monthly Payments, Consolidating Debts, Home Equity Loans

A second mortgage or a home equity loan can be an ideal way to lower your monthly payments, consolidate your debt and get the credit help you need to remove the pressure of high monthly bills.  The team of Mortgage Brokers at One Stop Mortgage have helped countless customers qualify for mortgages, attain second mortgages and improve their credit rating through a home equity line of credit or a home equity loan.

There are many times in life when you need cash to pay for things such as a child’s tuition, weddings, home renovations, bill consolidation, divorce, starting a new business and more.  At times like these, we need advice about how to get our financial house in order and find the money we need so that we don’t rely on credit cards with high interest rates to get us through.

For example, one of our clients had her bills accumulate over many months after a divorce and found it too hard financially to maintain her payments.  With a debt consolidation mortgage she was able to get her credit back on track and easily make her monthly payments.  Another client was thrilled when we were able to get him a 2nd mortgage. The funds were used to inject cash into his business so that the next generation of his family could take over and maintain his life’s work.


Why Work with a Mortgage Broker?

One Stop Mortgage Corp mascotWhen mortgage and loan rules change, times are tough financially and we need financial advice, a mortgage broker can be a huge help.  Mortgage Brokers are independent, licensed and highly trained professionals who can provide you with the best advice for your mortgage and home equity loan needs.  Their expertise and experience enable them to find mortgage and loan funding beyond traditional sources used by banks.

A Mortgage Broker knows where to find the best rates and can present a professional proposal for financing to lenders to successfully get mortgage financing.  Having an expert by your side to represent you, source the best and most applicable rates and terms and enable you to find the money when you need it most is a huge help when the stress of money gets you down.

Why use a mortgage broker Read more here.


Get help and advice from the One Stop Mortgage Corp team today

At One Stop Mortgage Corp, the team of Mortgage Brokers has 20 years of success in finding the best mortgage deals for their clients. They have helped so many people get financial relief through home equity loans, debt consolidations, property purchases and solid financial advice.

If the bank turned down your mortgage application, give the One Stop Mortgage Corp team of Mortgage Brokers a try.  By finding you the best terms and rates, giving you solid financial advice and helping you unlock the money you need for your life, while reducing monthly payments, they will help you take back your life and provide the credit help you need.

A simple phone call to 1-877-874-8988 or 604-874-8988 or an email to can change your life today with instant approval to get the cash you need today.

Take control of your debt, free yourself from multiple monthly payments at high interest rates and set up a home equity loan today to consolidate your debts.

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