Spring is here – time to get your home renovations started

It’s Spring!

It’s that time of year again.  The days are getting longer, the flowers are coming up and the air has that fresh scent of life on it again.  Snow melts away to reveal the landscaping we need to do and the repairs that are needed on our home, deck and garage.  As it warms up outside, our home improvement ideas take shape.


Time to check your home


Here are 6 tips to get you going:

  • Fix cracks – with changing temperatures, it is common for foundations and driveways to crack.  Once the spring rains hit, this is a welcome entry point for water damage.
  • Repair windows – check your windows to make sure the caulking is still in great shape.  Repair any cracks that were caused by those winter storms. Prevent water damage wherever you can
  • Check your gutters – As the snow melts, it can leave sediment in your gutters and downspouts.  Make sure that everything flows easily and that you don’t have any water pooling issues
  • Move any wood or piles of things you stacked during the winter away from your home.  This is a breeding ground for insects
  • Check  your lights, air conditioning and doors – make sure everything is in proper working order


  • Inspect your deck for damage from the frost or snow to ensure there are no leaks and that the wood is in great shape
  • Check for possible damage to the roof

Find a repair or renovation that needs doing?  The money is available in your home!


Emergency Repairs

We’ve all been in this situation before.  Something happens to our home and we need to come up with money quickly. This also happens if you live in an apartment and you suddenly get assessed for strata fees.  When we suddenly need money for emergency repairs, where can we turn?

Some people automatically jump to use their credit cards, without thinking about the high interest rates, or hassle of paying them off.  A good credit rating is not something to take for granted.  Instead of racking up high credit card bills, consider a home equity loan.  You’ve invested in your home, made your mortgage payments, worked hard to ensure you have a roof over your family’s head; it’s time to take some of that hard-earned money out when you need it most.



With spring comes thoughts of renovations and landscaping.  It’s that time of year when we start looking at our home and thinking of ways to improve on old problems we’ve been looking at all winter long.  Does the house need painting?  Fence fixed? Back deck repaired?  Want to improve your garage – maybe add in a home office for your new business.  All of this takes money, but it is so rewarding when we get our home into shape for the year and customize it to our own style.  Whether it is a couple of coats of paint, some new landscaping projects or necessary repairs to the roof or structure, we need to look after our investment.


But money is tight…

How can we manage to pay for emergency repairs or those home renovations we have been thinking about all winter long?  We can save up for it all year and do it next year, but by then the bill will probably be higher because of water damage, or just because we waited an extra year.

You don’t have to run to your credit card to pay, and then spend the year paying high interest rates.  Instead, consider a home equity loan.  Your home has money in it from you paying down your mortgage and from the increase in its value.  When you need money, you can access that cash and use it for the right things.  Prevent the emergency repairs instead of waiting for them to happen.


Bank turned you down?

When you run your own business, sometimes it is tough to get a home equity loan.  The bank wants to see a steady income, and they can’t always get you the best rates or the cash when you need it most.

We can help.  At One Stop Mortgage Corp we can help you get the best rates for your current credit situation.  We have access to a huge range of lenders and a very helpful staff of Mortgage Brokers who can show you how you can access the cash in your home when you need it for emergency repairs, or renovations or to do that landscaping project you’ve been thinking about all winter long.

All it takes is a simple phone call or quick application, and you can get the money when you need it.

Call us today at 604 874 8988 or call toll free 1 877 874 8988 and see how the team of Mortgage Brokers at One Stop Mortgage Corp can helpyou get the cash you need today.