Choosing a Mortgage Broker

Choosing the Mortgage Broker

Mortgages can be complicated, especially when you are re-mortgaging or refinancing your home. When you go to a bank for a mortgage, sometimes you leave feeling that you could have gotten a better deal, other times you feel like you did fine, but didn’t understand all the parts of the mortgage. If you have time to shop around at all the banks and mortgage brokerages, it can be an exhausting experience. How can you be sure you got the best interest rate? Do you understand all the details of the mortgage? If you are refinancing, are you certain the person you worked with got you the best deal?

choosing a mortgage broker

Someone on your side

A mortgage broker acts on your behalf to find you the best deal you can get, based on your credit rating. This is much better than doing things yourself, since mortgage brokers have access to different kinds of financing options and the best interest rates available. Choosing someone you can work with is important. You can do this more easily by asking questions about your credit rating, options, refinancing details and repayment rules. Get your mortgage broker to go over the details of the contract closely with you to ensure you know what you are signing. Good customer service and client representation are vital to the experience.

Can I get financing?

Qualifying for a mortgage or loan often requires you to get a lot of information together. Yet, the first thing that makes it easier is whether or not you have a mortgage already or own your own home.

Last month a couple contacted us from Edmonton, and when asked if they own their home, they replied, “No the bank does!”

When you get a mortgage, you do own your home, yet owe money to the bank. If you have a mortgage already, and you have been making mortgage payments, chances are you will qualify for refinancing.

At One Stop Mortgage, we get lots of refinancing requests that are needed for many different reasons. Last week we helped a construction company get refinancing so that they were able pay their employees’ wages on time while they were waiting for money to come in from their latest project. Since we have been in business for over 20 years now, we have helped people with so many financing needs such as:

• Paying off credit cards
• Starting a new business
• Doing home renovations
• Paying school tuition
• Getting money for a child’s wedding
• Buying an income property or vacation home

Get money when you need it most

Your home can be a source of money when you need it most. If you have renovations you want to do, need to buy a new car, take that much-needed vacation or have to pay off high interest debt on your credit cards, a home equity loan can be a great solution.

Mortgage Brokers can help you get the money when you need it, based on the equity in your home. Even if you are self-employed, the team at One Stop Mortgage with their 20+ years of experience can help you get the best deal you can get based on your credit rating and the amount of equity in your home.

Choosing the right mortgage broker team

Work with the One Stop Mortgage team and you will find a group of mortgage professionals who can help you find money when you need it most. Excellent customer service, keen insight into financing and access to a huge range of refinancing sources, all set the One Stop Mortgage team apart from other mortgage brokers.

Contact the One Stop Mortgage group today and get your refinancing, mortgage, home equity loan or debt consolidation loan done right with a team that knows how to get you the best deal today.

Purchasing your home or need a home equity loan? Call One Stop Mortgage today!

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