The 5 Most Important Advice-Givers in the Home-Buying Process

Whether you’re buying a car, a new pair of shoes or a three bedroom townhouse, getting advice you trust is a crucial step in the process. Sure, those three items have different impacts on your life, but you wouldn’t buy a pair of basketball shoes endorsed by a hockey player, would you?

It’s important to ask questions and build a relationship with the people helping you buy a new home. After all, these people are helping you make a decision that will have an impact for a long time.

1. Mortgage Broker
Your broker is responsible for setting you up with a deal that’s both manageable and allows you to take the next step in your life. A mortgage broker knows the intimate details of your financial situation and will broker a deal to suit your needs.

2. Real Estate Agent
The best real estate agents know their clients better than their clients know themselves. Why? Because people inevitably get excited when viewing new homes. It’s easy to fall in love the first day – a real estate agent will remind you of your goals and why a particular home may or may not be the best fit.


3. Lawyers
Ever read the fine print when you buy a car or sign up for a credit card? Me neither. Lawyers join the process at the point of no return, where it’s crucial to understand the intricate details of the property you’re buying. Lawyers connect the dots between seller and buyer so nothing is lost in translation and everyone comes away satisfied with the deal.


4. Your Peers
Where do your friends live? Are they happy with their home? What do they like? What do they dislike? Talking to your friends and family is an easy way to learn more about your own desires for your next home. Just be careful; while they’ll obviously tell you the truth, they’re not experts.


5. Yourself
Listen to your heart. Trust your instincts. While you’re looking for a new home, write out a checklist of needs, wants and deal-breakers and stick to it. No one knows how you like to live better than you, so take all the advice you receive and weight it against your own intuition. After all, you’re the one who’s moving.

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