How To Get Over A Difficult Date With a Collections Agency

How To Get Over A Difficult Date With a Collections Agency

Have you ever been so bogged down with debt that every phone call makes you quiver with anxiety? Living in fear of a collection agency’s phone call is no way to operate, but it’s an unfortunate reality people are forced to deal with when financial problems rear their ugly head.

Financial difficulty is a dark cloud that looms over every aspect of your life when you’re subjected to its shadow. Behind on bills, payments or falling into a deep rut of poor credit can happen for a massive range of reasons.

  1. Sudden illness
  2. Loss of employment
  3. Family responsibilities


These are only a couple that we deal with on a regular basis. Regardless of the reason for financial difficulty, nervously awaiting that first call from collections is agonizing.

Whew, heavy material today on the blog. It’s not our intention to cast a shadow on what promises to be a beautiful summer here in the lower mainland, but for people avoiding that phone call, it doesn’t matter how bright the sun shines outside.


Accept Responsibility

If a collections call is around the corner, then the first step to getting past this unfortunate reality is acceptance.

Why are you in this mess? What contributed to the situation? If there’s blame to be cast elsewhere, sure, do so, but if the situation was created by your own mistakes then you owe it to yourself to own up. Literally.

Identify the origin of the problem and then make conscious decisions to fix it once and for all.

We help a lot of people in Alberta and BC overcome their conflict with collectors, but our most important function is ensuring it doesn’t happen again. We can arrange a deal to consolidate your debt and ease the pressure from collectors, but only through accepting responsibility can people hope to avoid problems in the future.

And don’t worry, we’ll help you confront those mistakes and find permanent solutions.


Take Action

Collection agencies are bound by the law to provide ample notice so you can clear up problems on your own, so if you reach that point, then heed the warning and get to work. It’s important to understand your rights when collection agencies contact you, and we can certainly help with that, but usually if the reason for that contact is legit, then you already know what the problem is.

Unfortunately, once you’ve reached that point, the damage is probably already done.

How can you avoid collectors?


  1. Pay your bills on time.
  2. Manage your credit card debt.
  3. Live within your means.


Legitimate collection claims occur because something was missed somewhere along the line. Like we said, this can happen to all of us, but it’s important to deal with the conflict head on and plan a realistic exit strategy.

And of course the best way to avoid the call from a collector is to take action before your situation ever gets to that point. Need some help keeping your debt organized?

You might not even need a loan, but we can help you find a solution that fits.

Give us a call.