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Why The Fall is the Best Time of Year to Go House Hunting

This morning I stepped outside to let the dog out and I was greeted with a bittersweet environment. The trees were green and the sky was clear with just a little bit of mist descending from the peaks of Burnaby Mountain. It was absolutely gorgeous – the mixture of the scenery and the crisp air was instantly refreshing.

But the dog didn’t follow me outside.

It’s cold today!


The Reality of Nature

The lower mainland has a fantastically liveable climate, but there’s no question that when the leaves start to fall in the autumn months, the humidity in the air has a significant bite. It’s fresh and pretty outside, but that frigid air seems to climb right into your bones, even though it’s only a couple degrees colder than it was yesterday.

It’s not that bad – after all, I grew up in Edmonton and the dog eventually followed me outside – but it’s enough of a reminder that no matter where you live, you’re going to be faced with cons as well as pros.


Summer House Hunting

Did you spend any time perusing the housing market in the summer?

Everything looks and feels perfect beneath the heat of the bright summer sun. Every patio can be upgraded, every outdoor space can be enjoyed, and every window offering natural light is a massive checkmark on every house hunter’s list.

The problem is that we assume that mid-summer bliss will hold all year long.

And as I discovered this morning, the reality is that we can’t control the weather (yet), so it’s a good idea to remove the things you can’t control from your list of needs in a new house.

That beautiful BBQ space? It’s not a year-round amenity. Well, I suppose it could be, we do live in Canada after all and if we want to spark up the grill then rain or snow won’t stop us.

But it certainly won’t be as fun.


Autumn House Hunting

Shopping for a new home in the chilly autumn months offers two sides to your decisions – the sun might be shining, but the mercury has plummeted. Outdoor spaces are littered with gigantic brown and yellow leaves that won’t clean themselves up. Not having an indoor parking space might not even register during the summer, but in the fall when the rain starts to fall? You might think twice and save yourself a lot of grief in the longrun.

As always, it comes down to your personal preferences and desires. Shopping for a house in the fall won’t just offer a healthy dose of reality, it will temper your excitement. Why is that a good thing? Because as with any new purchase, it’s not how you feel the day you buy it, it’s how you feel six months later.

Which is great news if you’re currently looking for a new home – in six months the sun should come out again, right?