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3 Crucial Curb Appeal Steps to Take Before Halloween

It’s the most exciting day of the year! No, it’s not tax deadline day 2016 (that sure was exciting, wasn’t it?) – it’s Halloween! Not only is All Hallow’s Eve the best time of year to get your kids all cranked up on sugar and chocolate, it’s also a super secret way to show off your home to potential buyers in your area.

Who among us hasn’t strolled through the neighbourhood after dinner admiring the curb appeal of our neighbours’ homes? Well, think of Halloween as an easy way to either catch a fortuitous visitor to your front step, or merely as a means to test your home’s curb appeal. After all, a house admired by your peers – moms and dads dreading the impending sugar crash guaranteed to hit a couple hours later on – is a house you can be proud of too.


Step 1. Deal With The Leaves

The fall conditions here in the lower mainland are strikingly different from those in Edmonton, Alberta where I grew up. Can you imagine shovelling snow right now? For our readers in Northern Alberta and beyond, I’m sorry for bringing this up.

But at least snow has some visual appeal. Leaves? Nuh uh.

Hidden treat: rake your leaves into a couple gigantic piles and plant Halloween decorations inside. I recommend zombie arms.


Step 2. Paint Touch-Ups

Spend a few minutes from the perspective of potential visitors on Halloween: the sidewalk. You probably rarely view your home from that vantage point, and when you do (coming home from work, leaving for work), the last thing you probably consider are the tiny chips and scuffs to paint and other aesthetic items.

But like we said Halloween is going to bring a lot of people who are going to judge your house from the sidewalk, so take the opportunity to kick yourself into gear and touch up the paint.

Hidden treat: perhaps you could use some leftover paint to create some scary signs, such as “for sale”. No? (Alright this one’s probably a bit of a reach.)


Step 3. A Safe & Simple Stoop

Maybe it’s because I watched too many scary movies as a kid, but there’s nothing more terrifying than a cluttered stoop, particularly where there are stairs involved. Again, growing up in Edmonton meant you had to be wary of ice pretty much all year, but here in the lower mainland as it starts to rain, the steps or outdoor entrance to your home can still be treacherous, especially if you’re up the hills of North Vancouver where the temperature can dip below zero.

Even if you deal with any ice or moisture with salt, it’s also a good idea to keep your stoop clear of children’s toys, brooms, or anything else that tends to collect outside.

Hidden treat: one of my most terrifying childhood memories occurred on Halloween. I was walking up the steps to a house when suddenly a hand from underneath the stairs grabbed onto my ankle and wouldn’t let go. Too far, neighbour. Halloween ruined.

With this exuberant homeowner exempted for scarring me for life, a little excitement in good fun is on the menu for everyone this halloween.

Just make sure your house is dressed up and ready for it.