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Why Halloween is a Realtor’s Best Friend

Have you ever found yourself back at the office during non-work hours? It’s kind of a fun feeling, no? Being around your regular work habitat without any tasks begging for your attention?

What if you don’t work in an office? The first thought that always comes to my mind in the discussion about cool offices are ship captains. If you spend your days ferrying people to and from the lower mainland, then you probably know a lot about boats. I’d bet you have some pretty cool information you could share with the layman on a fishing trip or casual excursion out on the water in a smaller boat.

Well, that’s what Halloween is like for realtors.


Subject Matter Expertise

We work with a fantastic group of experienced realtors on a daily basis, and it’s always interesting to get their insight when Halloween rolls around.

Which house on your block attracts the most attention? Either positive or negative?

This is all a realtor thinks about when they walk through residential neighbourhoods.

Would my client like this place? What about that one? Ooh, that house has a nice clean yard, I know a client looking for this exact setup.

So on Halloween, it’s like a free product knowledge gathering trip up and down the block.

That’s why Halloween is a realtor’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily enjoy the work.


The Flipside

Imagine being forced into work on your day off. Well, for realtors who can’t shut their working brain off, Halloween is just a reminder of how much work they have waiting at home or at the office. It’s a profession that requires you to always be on, always thinking, always available by the phone. Realtors are charged with coordinating a massive step in people’s lives.

So how do they shut it off?

With experience. Realtors who’ve been in the game for awhile understand the importance of balance, of turning off the phone and focusing on the rest of their lives – their families and friends. Sure, when the pressure is on to find a new home for a client there’s nowhere they won’t work, but it’s the experienced realtors who know how to balance the equation.

Besides, there’s nothing scarier than being overwhelmed with work.


How to Impress the Neighbourhood Realtors

We’ve written a couple tongue-in-cheek posts about Halloween lately, and the point to them all is that Halloween is a good excuse to make sure your home looks good inside and out. You don’t have to have your house on the market to kick yourself into gear and spruce things up a bit, but there’s going to be a lot of eyes peering beneath sheets and masks and costumes at your house, so use the opportunity to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Happy Halloween everybody!