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An Old Christmas Cliche About Money That’s Bang On

When it came time to brainstorm ideas for this year’s Christmas post, I hesitated once I found an idea I really liked. Why? Well, I think half of you will eagerly nod in agreement, while the other half roll their eyes before taking another swig of eggnog.

Both reactions are good!

But I’m nervous about letting the cat out of the bag at this point – I’ve got another 500 words or so to go before I’m willing to let you in on a poorly-kept secret.

So to get us into the proper spirit for this amazing cliché, first let’s take a quick look back at the different stages of the calendar year and how they’ve impact our wallets.


1. Winter

Way back in January and February we were all eager to jump headfirst into another year. Our children were on the back half of the school year, and we were gritting our teeth beneath the dark clouds of another soggy lower mainland winter.

And then a whole bunch of other tough stuff happened in the world in 2016, and suddenly our problems, our bills, our mortgages, didn’t seem that difficult in comparison.

First quarter, check.


2. Spring & Summer

Those thoughts of not taking things for granted quickly evaporated once the rain let up and the sun came out. Why? Because it was time to renovate, hit the road for vacations, and spend money on new vehicles and new clothes. The months of April, May, June, and July always seem to add up. We escape hibernation and unleash our fun-loving spirit on the world.

And it gets to be pretty darned expensive.

Oh, and we had to pay our taxes.

Second quarter, check.


3. Back to School

Just when you thought you were about to go completely crazy, the gods smiled upon you and school returned in the fall. No more kids demanding rides, cash, or rides and then cash.

Except then you had to spend money on back to school clothes and supplies.

And did you get to spend any of those hard-earned dollars on yourself?

…Well yeah, a little bit. That’s ok, I’m sure you earned it.


4. The Holidays

And now we’re here. Christmas holidays are especially difficult. Not only do you need to reach deep into your pockets to take care of everyone on your list, the season comes at the end of a challenging, expensive year. That’s why we try our best to write about unique and helpful ways to save money now and in the future.

But no matter how you slice it, the holiday pie is going to cost you something.

Mmm, holiday pie.

Where was I? Oh yeah.

Living in the lower mainland is expensive.


Money Can’t Buy Happiness

There it is, the oldest cliché in the book.

Full disclosure, this isn’t totally true, is it? Have you ever been on a jet ski? Those things cost money and they deliver nearly instant happiness.

But that’s just it – the happiness is over as quick as it began. Sure, our money buys us homes to keep our families sheltered, but that’s the point – it’s the people beneath that roof that truly matter.

We all spent money this year, and we’re all going to spend money next year. And that’s ok, if we don’t lose our perspective on those things, those moments, those people – that truly matter.

Happy Holidays everyone.