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5 Normally Expensive But Common New Year’s Resolutions You Can Cheap Out On

Ah, New Year’s. A time of new beginnings and new hope for the prosperous year to come. It’s a great time to dedicate yourself to new resolutions that will make big impacts on your health and happiness.

The problem arrives when you try to pay for these resolutions.

No matter what the resolution is, it always seems like we’re forced to dig deep into our pockets if we want to make any truly important changes. Moreover, the annual tightening of the purse strings that usually happens in late January sabotages even the best of intentions.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s possible to stick to your resolutions without adopting a payment plan that will take until next New Year’s to pay off.

1. Lose Weight

The mother of all New Year’s resolutions is losing weight. Sometimes I think this one is so popular just so we can justify all the treats and food we gobble up during the holidays. “My New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight, I’ll worry about it in January!”

Well, joining a gym and buying expensive new workout clothes just so we’ll stick to our plan is expensive. So if you really want to lose weight on a budget, spend your money on healthy food and get yourself outside. Jogging is free, joining a co-ed sports league is cheap, and they’re both great for your body and mind.

You can also contribute to your weight loss by cutting out things your body (and your budget) doesn’t need, like alcohol and snacks.

2. Live Life to the Fullest

Everyone wants to get more out of life. We want our days to be fuller, our nights to be enriching and everything in between to be an adventure. This resolution usually ends up in expenses that are as widely ranged as the people who commit to them.

But living life to the fullest doesn’t have to include an expensive bungee jumping ticket. No, living life to the fullest might mean spending more time improving yourself and your mind.

How do you that? Reading, watching movies, picking up a new hobby, or, again, joining an adult sports league. I think I’m noticing a theme here…

3. Travel

Travelling is the second cousin of living life to the fullest, and it’s pretty difficult to fulfill this resolution for free. However, it’s how you travel that keeps this one affordable. Instead of flying, grab a buddy and go for a road trip. Buy food from grocery stores instead of eating in restaurants constantly, and lower your demands when it comes to hotels.

After all, you’re travelling and living your life, you don’t need expensive hotels that you’re just going to sleep in anyways!

4. Spend More Time With Family & Friends

As the holidays wrap up and we reflect on the year that was, most of us probably feel at least a small sense of guilt regarding the amount of time we spent with our family and friends. It’s alright, we’re all busy.

Fortunately, the time you spend with your family doesn’t need to be expensive to be considered quality time.

After all, you already live in the same house – so simply focus on making that life as rich and natural as possible.

And order less pizza.

5. Declutter

The nice thing about this resolution is the only thing it really costs is your time. Who among us wouldn’t be happier with a cleaner, simpler home? Plus, you might even stand to make a little bit of cash back.

So what can you get rid of?

  1. unnecessary furniture
  2. clothes
  3. old plates or other kitchen wares
  4. that old extra TV you don’t need (it’s cutting into your family time anyways)


It’s a fabulous time to declutter, re-energize, and return to your routine recharged and ready to take on the world.

And it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, either.