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The Top 4 Types of One Stop Success Stories

Most people have a standard explanation when prompted for their line of work. “What do you do?” usually results in a casual explanation of one’s industry or daily responsibilities. I’ve always wondered about that exchange; why are we selling ourselves short when we explain our career path? With that in mind, I was thinking about […]

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3 Secrets You Need to Discover Before Building a House

There are a few areas in life where secrets just don’t work. Marriage, your job, marriage again, and real estate. Let’s leave the marriage section to the experts and talk about the wonderful world of buying and building homes. We’ve worked with tons of people, unfortunately, over the years who have been burned by nasty […]

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5 Easy Last Minute Tax Tips to Keep You Sane

The funny thing about telling people not to panic is that this is then inevitably the first thing they do. Telling people not to panic indicates there is something to panic about. So this year, it’s ok to panic. Why? Well, you’ve procrastinated once again and tax time is here. The time to relax and […]