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Invest in Canadian Mortgages

Investing in Mortgages: Canadian real estate markets continue to be strong year after year.  If you have invested in your own home, you may have seen strong gains in your home equity year after year, particularly in British Columbia.  To diversify your investments, residential mortgages are a powerful way to put your money to work for you, based on properties.  Stocks may go swing up and down, based on the temperment of the markets, but real estate is based on property, which has historically been a strong investment opportunity.

In 2021, according to the BC Real Estate Association, residential prices increased by 18.7% as compared to the year before.  It’s time to take advantage of this powerful investment opportunity.  In Alberta, sales of residential property has increased by almost 27%, with average prices increasing on average from 10 -14%.  If you haven’t considered this investment before, it is time to start investing in Canadian Mortgages.

Invest in Mortgages with One Stop Mortgage Corp.

For over 28 years, the team of mortgage brokers have been providing thousands of mortgage investment opportunities to lenders.  In 2021, we funded over \$200 million in mortgages.  New restrictions have made it much more difficult for borrowers to access mortgages from banks, and they are seeking new ways to access the money they need to buy homes.  With close to 30 years of experience in mortgage lending, the team at One Stop Mortgage Corp. is used to providing creative financing options secured by real estate in British Columbia and Alberta.

And that is the key idea.  When you invest in Canadian mortgages, your investment is secured by real estate, so you get to take advantage of one of the most secure housing markets in the world.  The One Stop Mortgage team of mortgage brokers are investors as well, and we don’t present deals to our investors that we wouldn’t invest in ourselves.

Why Invest in Mortgages with One Stop Mortgage Corp.?

There are many advantages to investing in mortgages and working with One Stop Mortgage Corp. to lend money.  Here are some reasons to invest with us in mortgages and secure potentially strong returns on your money:
  • We are family owned and operated
  • Our investors are treated like family – we don’t present deals that we wouldn’t invest in ourselves
  • We invest in mortgages and are experts at funding mortgages and loans for homeowners
  • Funds are never paid to us.  Once you commit to a deal, the funds are transferred directly to the lawyer’s trust account
  • Our experience in creative financing options in British Columbia and Alberta over nearly 30 years gives us unique insight into the real estate market and investment opportunities
  • We have a vast network of mortgage brokers who send us well-qualified borrowers
  • Flexible investment options enable you, the investor to become a lender in multiple ways:  personally, as a company, or through a trust company (RRSP, RRIF, RESP, LIRA, TFSA)
  • mortgages are not considered liquid, when compared to traditional equities investments, because they are based on physical properties
  • this creates a generally more stable investment than traditional equities
  • our syndicated lending offers investors much more flexibility and choice in available investment options
  • payments are made directly to you.  Unlike others, One Stop Mortgage Corp does not take a cut 


Invest in Mortgages with One Stop Mortgage Corp

One Stop Mortgage Corp has provided over 2 Billion dollars
in private lending over the last  28 years


Opportunities for Investors: What to Expect

We work closely with our investors to provide the best opportunities and availability of mortgages in which to invest.
You can expect:
  • Competitive returns
  • Sound underwriting based on many decades in the mortgage and loan business
  • customer service that is second to none
  • A high volume of mortgage investment opportunities to review and choose from 


Mortgage Lender

What do we expect from our Investors

To keep things efficient and effective, we expect our investors to provide quick turn around times when reviewing mortgage investment opportunities. Patience, flexibility and understanding assists all parties involved in the investment opportunity.  Having a collaborative mindset and ensuring that cheques are cashed in a timely manner also helps to ensure investments work well.

Ready to Invest?

For over 28 years, the team at One Stop Mortgage Corp. has provided thousands of mortgage investments to its lenders.  Last year alone, we funded over \$200 million in mortgages.  It’s time to make a great investment and get started with One Stop Mortgage Corp.

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