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Home Equity Loans

A home equity loan allows you to access your greatests asset - your home - when you need the money for important events in life.

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Debt Consolidation

One Stop Mortgage Corp. Can assist you in consolidating all of your credit debts into a mortgage on your property anywhere in British Columbia and Alberta.

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Bank Turndown

Even if the bank said no to your mortgage or home equity loan application- we say YES! With our flexible approval process ...

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Business Consulting

Successful experience of experts in structuring investment projects, developing and implementing.

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Project Management

We are working in the format of an outsourcing project office. We assume operational coordination.

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We provide you with the most competitive mortgage products that not only lower your monthly payment but can give you more financial freedom.

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property purchase
Property Purchases

Are you a first time home buyer? Looking to buy the house of your dreams? Whether you are shopping a rate or looking for alternate mortgage sources, One Stop Mortgage Corp. can help.

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Partial Interest Mortgage

At One Stop Mortgage Corp., we can provide mortgage financing to a borrower who only has a partial interest in their property. If you do not own the entire property, contact us

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Poor Credit Help

At One Stop Mortgage Corp. we help those with poor credit to find the money they need to consolidate their debts and have just one easy payment.

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Construction Financing

One Stop Mortgage Corp. has become a leader in providing private mortgage funds for land development and construction mortgages. Approvals are based on equity and percentages of

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Fractional Mortgage

One of One Stop Mortgage Corp’s products that we are proud to provide is the fractional interest. That is where a single title holder can borrow funds in a multi title property.

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